Monday, September 13, 2010


September 11th is definately a day to remember.
 Most people remember that horrible day 9 years ago that changed our country forever.
Whether or not you lived in NY what happened on that day affected each and every one of us someway or another and touched our lives.

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9/11 also holds another meaning to me and the people of Kauai.
18 years ago we were struck by what they called at the time the 3rd largest and most devastating hurricanes in United States history.
Hurricane Iniki, which means strong and piercing wind, was the strongest to ever hit the Hawaiian Islands.
The eye of the storm passed right over our island of Kauai.
It was a category 4 storm and had rumored winds up to 225mph.
Hurricane Iniki left Kauai with $1.8 Million dollars in damage, destroyed 1,400 homes, damaged 5,000 and left 6 people dead.

Doesnt seem like huge numbers compared to the Twin Towers tragedy
 but for a small community, it was huge!

Photo Courtesy of Bishop Museum

Kapaa Town
Photo Courtesy of Honolulu Advertiser

What still amazes me and touches me is how our community worked together.
A lot of us were left without homes, all without electricty, running water.
Even so we rebuilt our homes, our island, our community.
It was back to the basics, sometimes you have to start over to move forward, and that we did.
I just wanted to share this video that till today give me chicken skin.

Enjoy and remember to live Aloha!

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