Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Handstamping.... literally!

So a while back I bought a hand stamping kit from Harbor Freight.
Nothing fancy and it was only $5! yay!

And ever since then, Ive been dying to try it. I finally went to Home Depot and picked up some flat washers.
On Friday, I brought out my lil kit and asked the hubs to borrow a hammer.
He hands me a 32 oz dead blow hammer... is that what they're called??
Not just a regular hammer but the kind with weight in it so that when you slam it down it doesnt bounce and you've got more force behind it. Must be a mechanic thing.

So I got to stamping. I was going to stamp 3 washers Live, Laugh & Love and tie them around some large salsa jars I kept to put candles in it.

The first hit, hmm too light. Then again, hmmm not enough... bang, bang, bang. It took some force but I finally got the letter L on the washer.
Then the O... Bang, bang..... BANG!

Damnit! I caught my thumb, and boy did it hurt.
The only thing that kept me from cursing was throwing everything down right there and walking away.
And there I left it.

My thumb hurt :-( ouch

I cleaned up my mess before I went to bed, but I havent had the guts to pull it out again since.
The wound is still fresh... maybe another time.

1 comment:

Yvette said...

Ouch! You know that just because its called a hand stamp, it doesn't mean that you're supposed to stamp you hand. ;) LOL. Don't give up on your hand stamping dream.


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