Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't Blink Pt 1

Picture taken 27 days before I gave birth.

It was just over two years ago Presidents Day weekend. My dad spent the weekend for his birthday. We brought him home on Monday and since we were in town I decided we better stop at Home Depot and pick up a gallon of fence stain because we had to finish the fence before the baby came in about 3 weeks.

We went home and I finished painting the fence. I had so much energy that I decided to clean the baby's room one last time so I vacuumed the whole room and even got the closet tracts. Well since I had the vacuum out I mine as well get the bathrooms too and under the toilets.

While sitting on the floor 37 weeks pregos and vacuuming under the toilets I realized I must be nesting. I remember asking my sister in law, how long after you start nesting do you go into labor and she said, "you're not nesting, you're just a clean freak"

That night at 1 am I woke up with tummy pains, I went to the bathroom and back to bed. Then I woke up again at 2am with tummy pains. I went to the bathroom again and then back to bed. 2:45 am more tummy pains and back to the bathroom I went thinking it must have been something I ate! I couldnt sleep after that. By about 3:30 I was pacing the floors. At 4am I knew it was contractions and started timing them, they were 5-7 mins apart.

I didnt want to head to the hospital too early and be sent home so I just toughed it out. At 4:30 I woke my sleeping husband and asked him to just keep me company on the couch since I was up pacing in the livingroom anyway.

He got up around 5:45 and asked me how long it was going on and I said well it started about 1am and I've been up since 2:45. He went into panic mode and said we need to leave now! I told him I want to wait as long as possable and I want to go to work, I have to train the temp girl today. He looked as if I had dropped the baby on the floor right then and there!

No you are NOT going to work was all he said and started getting ready to leave the house. I kept insisting I have to go to work, atleast leave some notes the temp girl wont be able to find anything. I insisted all the way to the hospital that we must stop at work in between each contraction, wincing in pain.

I was admited somewhere between 6:30 am and 7am, I couldnt tell it was before the hospital doors opened and my husband had to wait till 7am to move the car from the ER side. I was too busy pacing and trying to stretch my back with each contraction.

The nurse checked me around 7:30 am and announced that I was fully effaced, at zero station and a whopping 1 centimeter. ONE CENTIMETER? Are you serious? I'm going home! They stopped me before I could even get out of the bed and said no way this baby is coming before you know it.... well... little did we all know, he had another plan.

4 hours went by before they checked me again, only 4 cm and boy were the contractions killing me! By 12 noon I decided if I didnt get the epidural I would be too exhaused to push this baby out when it came time. I finally got an epidural around 1pm and they decided to enduce labor at the same time since we were not moving anywhere. Boy did that epidural take the edge off! Whew there are days when I want one from the brain down!
Then the waiting game... and waiting .... and waiting.

The lil guy FINALLY arrived at 8pm that night, but of course like my day was going not without some complications. He became stuck in the birthing canal and as I pushed and pushed I kept telling the nurse (because the dr was no where to be found since 11 that morning) that something was wrong I just knew it. She did a wonderful job of keeping me calm but I knew something was wrong when they started giving me oxygen and I watched the baby's heart monitor going lower and lower. He finally poped his head out after 20 mins of pusing and found that his umbillical cord was wrapped around his neck, not once but twice!

We welcomed our lil man at 6lbs 6oz and he was just perfect with a head FULL of hair.
He was healthy and hungry.

That day forever changed our lives

I am Pouring my heart


TerriG said...

Congratulations! First babies sure take their time showing up.

Jessica said...

Great story, and of course congrats!

Shell said...

Oh, I love birth stories! And you were just the cutest little pregnant girl!

The No Wonder Mom said...

Just came over from Shell's PYHO. Great story! I love birth stories too! Congratulations on your new precious baby. I'm a new follower! :)

Classic NYer said...

Wow... I'm glad you and the baby are okay. Sounds like that was some definite drama...


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