Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thankful Tuesday Linky Party

It's time again to tell us all what you're thankful for.
Sometimes life throws a curve ball at us all, but we can always find something to be thankful for, something the next person might not have, something we've been blessed with for a specific reason even if we dont realize it at the time.

This week I was thankful for my stove.
A girl's gotta craft where she's gotta craft.

Whatever works right?
Atleast I had the chance to practice with my cricut and make a little poster for my brother in law and his girlfriend's baby shower.
(which in turn they were thankful for)
(kindness and love returns itself 10 fold)

I'm thankful that Pringles invented those single serving take-a-long packs of chips. It makes long car rides much easier (and quieter) to handle

I'm thankful that someone is confident in my ability to pay off debt, but seriouslly Chase? Seriouslly?!

How many credit card offers do you really need to send me in 3 days?
I already have one of your cards do I need 5 more?

I'm also thankful for the opportunity that blogspark gave me to test out family taco night. Stay tunned for more on that.

Alright gang give it your best shot. What are you thankful for?
You know how it goes...
Link up and put my button somewhere in your post or on your blog so others can come and join in.

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