Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Candy... evil lil suckers

I was never big on Valentines Day.
I cant explain it.. just watch last night's Cougar Town and it kinda explains it.
Anyone else feel that way?
Might be just me... ok anyways... one part of Valentines that I just cant do anymore is the CANDY!!!!

I have this tiny basket by my desk cause belive it or not, the boys love candy.
They have a weakness for anything chocolate and peanut butter put together. They pretend to be manly men who demolish stuff but reality is they giggle for chocolate.
But dont tell them I told you.

The down side is, I love candy too... and I just can't resist them either. Gosh its worse than over the holidays. Ive had atleast 2 little bars everyday for the past week. And telling myself they're miniatures doesnt help because candy is candy and the way Im going its just a downward spiral.

I --- MUST ---- STOP!!

I've been eating them so fast that I didnt even notice this on the back of the snickers bars.

Also just a reminder, I have the CSN Giveaway going on right now. Did you enter it yet? If not go {HERE} to enter. I'm closing the giveaway on Sunday and announcing the winner on Monday.
Good luck ya'll... I've got to wipe the chocolate off my mouth now.

1 comment:

Jane said...

I try not to keep candy in the house, because we're not supposed to eat it. However, once in a while, I crave a piece and do indulge.

BTW, your blog looks great!



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