Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hoo are you #31

Time for another Hoo are you?

Come join in the fun of getting to know eachother!

Here are this weeks questions:

1. Are you married/in a relationship/single? For how long?
I am married to my best friend. We met while I was in high school and became friends. We started seeing eachother my first year in college and 14 years later here we are. We've been married for 10 years now.
2. What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it?
I work for a demolition company. It's a small company but well established. I am the only one in the office so I do pretty much everything but dont have a title so when people ask me what my title is I like to say 'Supreme Being' LOL.
I enjoy what I do for the most part, I wish I could get out of the office more sometimes and see what the guys do so I understand what they talk about better and who doesnt like demolition?!

3. In what state do you live? Where were you born and raised?
I live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. I was born here and lived here my entire life.

4. Do you have children? If so, how many? If not, do you want them?
I have a 23 month old son that will be 2 this month! Oh my goodness where has the time gone? My baby is growing up soooo fast. We would like one more but financially I dont think we can afford it right now.

5. Who is your favorite blogger to follow and why? 
There is no way that I can pick just one!!! Go check out all the blogs I follow.


Xmas Dolly said...

I'm so sorry what happened to your sister, but you at least have her home just as I got my son back, but some people aren't so lucky.
1. I'm married. We met through a wrong number. He paged me I answered thinking he was someone else that stood me up & I reamed him a new one. When I found out it wasn't the guy I couldn't apologize enough. The rest is history. We've been married for 11 years now.
2. I'm a retired legal assistant. I went on Disability in 2006, and I never recovered. I have Spinal Stenosis. I work out of my home now. I do transcribing.
3. Illinois. I was born & raised in Chicago, a place called Bridgeport (Mayor Daley's neighborhood.
4. I had five children. One is deceased from SIDS. My oldest daughter made me a grandmother at the ripe old age of 38? AUGH! So, I'm a young NaNee (that's what they call me). I also have nine grandchildren.
5. I agree with you, but if I had to choose.. my daughter (NightOwlMama) would be my choice. She's fantastic at it. She drafted me & I'm glad she did.

Alicia said...

I love meme's like this because it makes you feel like you got to know the blogger better!! I will have to link up one day soon!!

Ali Holt said...

Found your link on Night Owl! Now following you! Im an up and coming ( trying) blog, would love you to stop by and follow! have a great day!



Elle Uy {SWITCHEROOm} said...

okay this is fun.. I'm nosy and I love to share.. so here you go...

1. Boyfriend for more than 6 years. Gawd time flies!
2. Freelance web / graphic designer. I love working on my own time! :)
3. Manila Philippines
4. No, maybe someday. ;)
5. oh my really?? who could possibly answer this question! hahaha...

Till next hoo are you!


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