Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old El Paso family taco night Review

A while back the great folks over at Blogspark asked if I would like to participate in Old El Paso family taco night. I love Mexican food and will never say no to a taco night!

First I got this awsome pack in the mail compliments of Blogspark and Old El Paso.

I took my visa card to our grocery store and I was very dissapointed at the selection of Old El Paso products. To be honest, they only had one variety of the taco shells. Tisk Tisk very dissapointed!! Majority of their products were Western Family Brand, I'm not against the Western Family brand at all. Infact I by their products all the time but I was very disapointed that there was no variety offered.

My family taco night hosted by Old El Paso had to be postponed.

I finally found a selection of Old El Paso products at our local (one and only) Walmart. Yay taco night back on. Old El Paso has a variety of products from package seasoning, beans, chilies, rice, salsas, sauces, taco shells and tortillas. My hubby likes his taco meat on rice (yuck) or crunchy tacos, I like my tacos with soft tacos, so their variety pack with soft and crunchy taco shells was perfect for us!

I made my hamburger according to the package directions.

And as it was simmering, I opened a Corona and got in the mood.

Using the cute serving dishes I recieved I had some fun and made a little bit of a spread so we could make our own tacos.
Yea, I got lazy with the taco meat and the beans, it just meant washing one more dish!

We had fun building our own tacos with whatever toppings we wanted. And after all that work they just toppled over and stuff started falling out.

So I ended up making a sort of taco salad with mine.

Then we found these... you remember that commercial with the little girl saying in spanish why dont we make the bottoms flat? Well duh, yea that was the greatest taco invention ever!

Seriouslly my husband thinks these flat bottomed taco shells are the best thing ever.

So what did we think? We really appreciated the opportunity to have this family taco night and actually since the first one had another one after.
Dinner really does bring our family together, we sit at the table and talk about our day and catch up on our otherwise busy lives. Taco night was very fun making our own tacos and having them fall appart on us too!

I did a little research on Old El Paso and Betty Crocker has some great recepies that are super fast to whip up and yummy too.

I really liked the taste of the taco seasoning it wasnt over powering and didnt bring up a case of heartburn. My husband on the other hand said the taste wasnt bold and strong enough for him. (he likes things salty, I dont) The assorted pack of hard and soft shells was great to please our different tastes and the flat bottomed shells rocked our world!

I would definately use the Old El Paso line of products again, especially now I know where to find them. I think next time I would definately try one of their many other packet seasonings and try the receipes on Betty Crocker.

Any of you got some good receipes?
Disclaimer: this review was sponsored by Old El Paso and Blog Spark. They sent me the serving dishes, a seasoning packet and a $10 visa giftcard to purchase the other items I used to make our family dinner. All products were provided by them but the opinions are all my own and I was not influenced in anyway.

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