Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Photo Flashback at More Than Words

It's time again for Friday Photo Flashback over at More Than Words

Friday Photo Flashback

I'm really getting into this, its sooo much fun strolling down memory lane!
I actually got this photo from my friend. It brings back sooo many memories.

St. Catherine's Pre-School 1982

I can honestly say that I either keep in touch with or have been in contact with the families of about 85% of my classmates pictured here.
Infact the girl on the bottom row second one in, she was in my wedding!
I am actually the last girl on the top row with and eye patch on. Yup thats me!


Hug a tree with me said...

thats really cool that you keep in touch with so many of them

Life With The Boys! said...

Great post...true friends last a lifetime!

Alicia said...

What an adorable picture!! What happened to your eye? And that is so cool that you are still in touch with so many of them!!! I've been able to do that now, with Facebook! LOL

Xmas Dolly said...

Wow, and still in touch with more than half of them. Now that's really something. Thanks for sharing. Already following you. Have a great weekend.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh! so adorable! That is awesome that you are in touch with friends from pre-school! Growing up, I moved every 2 years as a military child and then marrying military, we moved every 3 years! Through facebook, I have reconnected with a few friends from 6th grade and up.

Blessings & Aloha! glad to meet ya! your little boy is so cute :o)

Elle Uy {SWITCHEROOm} said...

Oh please tell me what happened to your eye?? I'm curious like that. haha..


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