Thursday, November 4, 2010

Storage (toy) Box

So not that long ago, I found and fell in love with Ana White

Ever since I've been dying to try one of her projects.
I'd love to make a headboard, an entry way bench or even a console table.
Ohhh, one day, one day...

Untill then, we're still getting creative over here.
This was our leftover lumber from our garage project I posted about here.

Me, being cheap thrifty, I knew we could make use of it and not throw it away.

I told my hubbs I want a storage bench! Something we could keep outside and put my son's toys in and I could put a cushion on top so we can have more outdoor seating.

So my hubs went to work with our left over lumber.
Along with his handy helper!

I should have been more specific...

I left him alone for one hour and I got A STORAGE BOX, not a bench a BOX.
It was huge! I think I'm pretty tall at 5' 9" and I cant even sit on it without tippy toeing!

I can't complain it's a project he actually started and finished!

I thought that was cute, he looked like he was in deep concentration.
I primered it and then sprayed it this aqua color.
I normally dont like blue but I couldn't resist. I wanted a big pop of color in my backyard and this was it.

Now after this I dont know what I was thinking. I wanted to add some kind of detail.
I printed out a fleur de lis and cut it out and then traced the design.

Then I went with a tiny brush and painted in, I was kicking myself in the butt while doing this part!
Why didnt i just buy or even make a stencil?!

So here it is, at 6pm at night... yup shorter days are upon us :-( tear.
Here's a day time shot

To me its missing something.
I dont know if I should distress it by sanding it or if I should glaze it or what?! I just dont know. Can you guys help me? Check back later for more pix!

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Yvette said...

It looks uh-maz-ing!!! So lucky you can ask your husband to make you something, and he actually makes it. My storage chest has padding on top and the person actually used a staple gun to add fabric making it a soft comfertable seat. I think it would be somewhat easy to do.

I have a table that I've sanded and bought paint but haven't had the guts to paint it yet. I definitely want to try a stencil and your fleur de lis design is wonderful. Great job girl!

Christina said...

I love it! I think that maybe if you added one of those same designs you put in each of the corners to this...but in HUGE in the center...? Just my take on it. But I love it!! :)

Meg said...

I love the color and your stencil! Way to use your leftover wood! Maybe you could add some molding to the sides? I like the idea of adding a bigger stencil in the middle, too. I'm sure whatever you think of, it will be terrific! ;)
Don't forget to link up to EBTKS this week!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

That is so sweet that your hubby made it for you! Maybe a little big but it sitll turned out cute! I agree with Meg! I was thinking a bigger design in the center front and maybe center top! Either way you've got a great storage piece!


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