Friday, May 20, 2011

Coat Rack for Extra Storage

This was a real quickie project I thought up to clear out some room in our spare room closet.
That closet is FULL of jackets, FULL! Don't ask me why we have so many, I mean we live in Hawaii, why do we need so many? And on top of that we live on the West side of the island which is like the desert.

We have some extra room on one wall in our closet so I thought of making like a coat rack or something. I got a piece of wood for a few dollars at Home Depot and spray painted it pink, bright pink cause this girl in a house full of boys needs some pink in her life.

Then I picked up some hooks from Walmart, not exactly the hooks I'd been dreaming of but we have NO selection over here.

I attached the hooks to the piece of wood and asked the hubby to screw it into the wall in our closet.

He wasn't thrilled on the pink, but lookie lookie who was the first to put their jackets on the coat rack...

Just right for some extra storage! Yay!

I'm linking to the parties {HERE}

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