Thursday, May 19, 2011

writers block...

I'm having some serious writers block today!

I had planned on sharing a little project I did in like a half hour but I just can't seem to find the pictures I took. So I decided to share my experience making The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.
But then I can't get on the P-dub's website and I lost fight.

So I took a break and downloaded the pictures I had on my phone... isn't it interesting when you look back at the random things you took pictures of on your phone?

Well I found pictures I took of our lunch for Admin Professionals Day.

But first.... Breakfast of Champions!
Chocolate cake!

This was waiting at out table when we got there... nothing better than a pineapple and hibiscus mojito with strawberries at lunch.
We just love this place, it's called 22 North.
Amazing fresh food and the BEST drinks ever, their bartender is a GENIUS!

We just had to try the blood orange, sage and thyme mojito too.
It's sitting next to my completely wiped clean lunch plate, I had an open face poached tuna sandwich with capers and a poached egg on top...delish.

The absolute best thing about this place... tied with their drinks is dessert!

Homemade doughnuts with a coffe creme sauce, to die for.
I think I need some now, seriouslly I really do.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Looks great--especially the chocolate cake and the donuts. I'm on a sweets kick lately, can you tell?

I feel you on writer's block. I had a post I was supposed to put up today but it's not even half finished. Oh well.


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