Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whats that smell... an update

So.... the work continues since finding that smell in my closet.
I asked my hubby to gather up some tools I would need to cut a hole in the drywall.
Asking him to do something that needs to be done and doesnt have anything to do with fishing is like waiting for it to snow on Kauai.

I ended up with my little craft blade that I use to cut capri sun pouches and I went to work scoring the drywall over and over and over and over again.
Note to self... buy another craft blade.

I finally got an opening in my wall big enough to check under the shower pan to be sure there were no other leaks.

At first glance I thought way cool! It doesnt look wet, maybe we got it.
But upon further investigation what did I see?? Water, ughh....

I got a good look at it looks like its leaking from the drain pipe.

Ok, atleast now I know where its coming from.
Now another trip back to the home depot. I hope I can find someone there that can help me figure the parts I need to change.

I guess I could make it on my own if I had to!
No man needed!


Yvette said...

You are too awesome! I would never know what to do and our house would fill up with water before something got done. Wish I had your know-how and skills.

Anonymous said...

You rock Rhiannon! I'm so impressed that you did the investigation, diagnosed the problem and are doing what is required for the remedy! You are just one awesome woman. xo, Diane


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