Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another one??

What to do with this box?
Its a nice box, but kinda small to put anything in it.
I had this in my kitchen forever with pieces of a broken tea cup, swearing that I would glue the pieces back together.
(i still have 4 other cups)

Hmmm... I still got some greenery left over from my other planter....

I filled the bottom up with crumpled newspaper cause I'm cheap thrifty like that.

Cut a piece of cardboard for on top of it.

And went to town with my glue gun.
(Its pretty awsome not working with styrofoam to be honest)

Whoohooo 10 mins later...

Now I have a little something to add to the top of my entertainment center.

I feel weird about using fake plants but I like it.
(and if it were real, I'l probably kill it)

I'm linking with the parties at the bottom of my page and in the Linky Tab up above!

BTW, total cost: $0.00
I used things I already had!


Shell said...

Very cute!

Christina said...

so cute!! It looks great on your bookshelves :)

Thanks for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

Meg said...

Nice! I love it when something comes together like that. I'm all for the fake greenery...;) I somehow kill plants, too!


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