Monday, August 8, 2011

Front Door

A while back I painted my front door red.
I painted it red for several reasons.
The whole feng shui thing, the asian thing, I like red... to piss off our HOA.

Since then I've been changing and add thing things, like our new rug in the entry way.
Thing is... the red door doesnt seem to match that much anymore.

One day, completely inspired... BAM!
There I go painting my door again.

I like the green, it seems softer and it matches my end table.


Nikki ~ Let's Craft!! said...

Yeah but now what about the glory of pissing off the HOA? Now they just won....

Yvette said...

Red is good, I've been told that centipedes don't like red and so it keeps them out of the house. But the green door is pretty too!

Helene said...

I really like the green....but I like the fact that you originally painted the door red to piss of the HOA!! Totally love that!!!


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