Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Plans...

Yay! It's Aloha Friday!!

(yeah yeah, I know cheezy... but I really do like this version)

Makes me wanna go back to high school, I never went to prom.
Well, we've had a crazy week... no recovering from our long weekend.

Today is statehood day, a state holiday... most people have the day off... I don't.
(my hubby didnt either but he took the day off to watch the lil man)

I was hoping to run to the bank and DMV today, but they're all closed as well!

I'm going to a rehersal tonight for a wedding tomorrow. The bridal party came in on Tuesday and I havent seen the bride since she moved to Cali.

We're looking at some storms headed to Hawaii, which will probably disapear by the time it reaches us, but we'll probably get some ugly weather so going to the beach on Sunday might be out of the question.

What are your plans for this weekend?

I'll leave you with a few extra pix from Kipu

1 comment:

Helene said...

I like that version of Friday too!!!!


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