Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are pigs flying???

Seriouslly, I had to go outside and check.
The hubs made dinner tonight.
(well by the time youre reading this it'll have been last night)
He seriouslly doesnt cook and if he does he'll cook saimen, hot dogs, portuguese sausage, vienna sausage or spam.
Out of nowhere yesterday he tells me hes gonna cook dinner. I know it was rude of me but my reaction was, "hun, Im not in the mood for hot dogs"
And he said No! Im really gonna cook dinner. I honestly did not believe it, we've been together for 14 years and other than the items I mentioned above, he does NOT cook. He's even been banned from the grill since he over cooks everything.

Here he is getting started. Im making fun of him and telling him I need to document this historic day.

He started out by frying some chicken.

Then my son started getting in the way and wanted to know what daddy was doing.

So after another pix for proof that this is actually hapening I let him be alone in the kitchen, so he could concentrate... hehehe

and I went to give my son a bath. We had fun and played that sneeky lil bugger!

While giving him a bath I smelled something..... yes.... burning!
I went to peek on what was going on and I saw all this smoke!

I know Im not that great at taking indoor/night time pix but this is not the case in the above pix.
All that fuzz in the pix is really smoke all over the kitchen.

No to fear though the chicken was out of the pan and he saved the dish!
He added white wine and butter and then some heavy cream then some capers and simmered a bit before putting the chicken back into the pan.

Pretty fancy suff eh for his first time.
(btw this is the same guy that swears he wont eat cream sauce on anything and tells me I dont eat capers!)

Ok so here goes.... time for dinner and the REAL taste test.

A bit salty but OOhhh Very Good!
I am truly impressed!
AND... to top it all off... after a great meal... check this out...

He washed the dishes.
Oh how I heart him!

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Meddie said...

Oh my I'm so proud of him! That's so funny that he actually let you take pics and post it here :)

Shell said...

Oh, wow! Nice Hubby!

I love that you took pics to document it!

Elle {SWITCHEROOm} said...

this is funny!!

Yvette said...

What a great post, I have to beg Ronson to make my favorite fish dish every once in a while, but otherwise, he doesn't cook either. Glad you earned a well deserved night off from the kitchen.

Christina said...

I enjoyed reading this :) My husband would have never gotten close to anything that didn't resemble pb&j before we got HE'S doing so much of the cooking! Crazy!

Alicia said...

That is awesome!! What a blessing. And that does look good!

Jessica said...

Love it! My husband usually doesn't cook either, but lately he's taken to making breakfast (only in the morning) and fried chicken. He does a pretty good job and he cleans up after himself, so I can't complain.

Emily said...

What a blessing to you. Pigs really will fly when my husband cooks. The only time his stove top/oven was used in his bachelor days was when his cat turned it on.


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