Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day # 14 Under the Bathroom Sink

I'm still making my attempts to keep up with the challenge. I'm getting there slowly but surely.
Day #14 was under the bathroom sink, again an area I hardly ever think of. I thought mine was neat but once I really got under there... nope it wasnt.

So I took everything out and vacuumed it up and wiped it down.

I picked up some $1.50 plastic bins up from Kmart. Not the color I want but for $1.50 it was gonna go under the sink so I was ok with it.
I put all my extra hand soap and shampoo my hubby's shaving cream and all of a sudden I realized several things.

(note: the plastic bag will be removed once I get more storage containers - see below)

1. I need to buy toilet paper I'm running low
2. While Im there I need soap as well, that one bar looks really lonely
3. I have a drawer FULL of feminine products that I could put under here now that I've got so much room

4. I could totally free up this entire drawer if I found one of these great containers with drawers in them.

5. I have waaaayy too much half used lotions. I need to promise myself that I will not buy any more lotion untill I use all this up. (BTW, this was just what was under my sink, it doesnt include what I have in my closet or the spare bathroom)

I also really like this idea that Toni did over at A bowl full of lemons

Photo courtesy of A bowl full of lemons

I don's use a dryer but this is a great idea to put my flat iron.
I love it.... or I guess I could put it in the drawer once all my lady things gets moved...


Sarah, Three Boys said...

Looks great! Doesn't it feel awesome when its done? BTW I don't recommend the little liquid detergent container, it comes out SO slowly. If you are patient its not bad. Thanks for stopping by Threeboys:) I hope to see you around!

Jessica said...

Looks great! My under-sink cabinet in the bathroom is basically empty but the closet could definitely use a purging. I definitely need to get on that!

I have a basket I got from Hobby Lobby for my hair dryer, curling iron and makeup bag. At the old house it sat out on a shelf so it had to look good, but here it's in the closet so I might steal it for the Wii stuff. I like the over-the-door wire basket.

Meredith said...

no one's gonna see under my sink, that's for sure!yours looks fab though. woo hoo! :)


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