Friday, January 28, 2011

{Aloha} Flashback Friday....

Whew! It's Friday and we survived another week!
You would think Friday is my fav day of the week but it's tomorrow since we get to sleep long enough to get up when its lighted instead of still dark outside AND I get to spend the day with my fav boys :-)

Well.... to celebrate Aloha Friday I'm going to do a few things.
I just love how Marie over at The Things We Find Inside
has a flash back to the 80's Fridays. I just LOOOOVE the 80's. Listening to the music totally brings back memories of watching night tracks! Do any of you remember night tracks?

I used to hold my stereo up against the speaker of the tv and record the music onto cassettes and make mixed tapes! Haha Love it!
Our poor children will never know what thats like, you know I dont even have an Ipod. I refuse, Im stuck in the 80's!

Anyway... so here is my flash back song for today

And if that aint great enough...

More Than Words has a totally Rad (notice the 80's word hehe) Friday Photo Flashback linky party.

Friday Photo Flashback

How fun is it going through old photos.. pre digital camera days.
So here's my photo

I honestly dont even remember the year, it must have been around 1987.
Thats me and my cousin Jon at the Honolulu Zoo.
How's my hair? LOL!

And for the GRAND FINALE...
Since it's Aloha Friday how about a cocktail!

Last night we had a Hoe Down brainstorm meeting and we have been having little ice breakers to start the meeting. If you dont know what Hoe Down for Hope is you can find out a little {here}.Last night's topic was 'what's your fav high ball?'
There was a theme of vodka and martini's going on... lemon drop martini, dirty martini, cosmos, lychee martini.... and one of the women shared a new drink she was introduced to.
It's Coffee Patron. Have you heard of it yet?


She suggested serving it chilled in a martini glass.
Sounds yummy and warm and cozy, especially with these chilly nights weve been having.
Personally I try to stay away from Tequila (Tequila makes her clothes fall off - Just Kidding!!!) I do love my Passion Fruit Margaritas.

Cheers to everyone on this Aloha Friday.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Xmas Dolly said...

Lionel Richie I totally love his songs & look at you what's wrong with your hair! Anyway if you like music I have a meme on MOnday's called Monday's Music Moves Me. Stop by and join us. It's tons of fun. I'm your latest follower. Hope you find time to do the same. Nice to meet you and have a great weekend.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, I love Lionel Richie! I took my mom to his concert back in 1996! But, his older songs remind me of when I was in middle school! I love the 80's too! 1987 was when I graduated from high school..LOL!!

So glad you joined in on the meme!! I love seeing all these "old" pictures!

Scatz said...

Aw its a long time since I heard this! Thanks for sharing...

Debbie said...

When I first started dating my husband, Lionel Richie was big. This song reminds me of when we used to go to Lake Powell in northern AZ and drive his boat and waterski. Great memories for me so thank you for that.

Blessings and love,


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