Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Gift

My friend Kai has had a tough year. He's such a great positive guy but he and his family have been hit with a lot of hard decisions this past year. By the end of the year he was feeling pretty down and not being his usual positive self. Just before New Year's Eve we were chatting and he turns his attitude around and tells me I'm gonna make 2011 my bitch.
We often exchance positive quotes to pick each other up when were having a bad day and to hear him say that, he's really kicking some butt and taking names this year.

I thought of a great way to remind him of his new 'rule' and to keep his positive attitude.
I saw this gorgeous pix on The Pioneer Woman

Makes me think of Kai so I stole borrowed it and uploaded it on picnik.
I added a bunch of text boxes and with different fonts I put on some of the quotes we share with each other.

Had to add in his new 'rule' on the bottom.
Then I printed it at Costco.

Bought an 8 X 11 picture frame at Walmart

And put it all together.

It's really hard to take a picture of a picture.
Darn flash and reflections.

I really hope he likes it and it can help him to remember to stay positive this year no matter what he faces.

Photo editing: free
Printing of photo: $1.50
Picture frame: $3.00
Total: $4.50
(sorry Kai Im not trying to be cheap)

I'm linking to these parties {here} and joining the line up is this new party


Allison said...

Great ideas! So nice of you to do that for him! Hope it cheers him up! Thanks for linking up!

Christina said...

Sweet! I am sure he will love it. And I totally get about the posting of the price on a gift...I also feel weird posting how inexpensive a project is that I've gifted to someone else! OH well!

Thanks so much for linking up to "20 Below Thursday" :)


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