Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sewing with bias tape

I was lucky enough this weekend to spend some time learning to sew with bias tape. 
I had one previous encounter with the evil creation about a year ago and it was so bad, I havent looked at the stuff since. Well I have a new attitude and a little more patience (still working on it) so I decided to take the time and read up on it and learn how to use it.

I found a great tutorial on Prudent Baby for a pot holder a while back, oh the fabric is too cute! My Sifu (martial arts instructor) and good friend bought this quilting fabric that he used to recover his kitchen chairs and gave me the leftovers. I just knew thats what I wanted to make.

Already quilted fabric is more expensive but it cut a step out of the process for me.
I'm not sure of the type of batting on the inside so I'm not sure if it will be heat retardant, I'll make sure they use the potholders for display only.

Then it was time for the bias tape part. I went to the tutorial and read probably halfway through and went for it.... WRONG... FAIL

Well actually not completely. But a word to the wise, read all the way through the tutorial and dont think you've got it all figured out. I missed the part about going around corners so I got some sucky corners going on.

I also didnt know you were supposed to open up the bias tape and sew the under side first.
Well, its a process and I'm learning.
I think I didnt do too bad for winging it though.
Here's the first one.

By this time I decided to read through the entire tutorial and leave my computer on as quick reference. The second one I made went by much easier. I still need practice with the corners though.

Tada! I like the way they came out and this was great practice for me. I've learned a few things along the way including now I know why people make their own bias tape. Its easy to go through a lot of it and it gets kinda expensive.
I think I just might be adicted to bias tape, it looks so good. Gives it a real finished look.

We're going over to their house tonight, my hubs helps to teach the kids class and we usually hang out and spend some time together after class and have dinner.
Hope they like it :-)

ps, wonder if its too late to ask for a bias tape maker... christmas is past, whats next valentines day? what kind of valentines gift is that?

I'll be linking to the parties {here}


Neoma said...

Pot holders are so fun to sew! And the fabric was wonderful! Good work with the bias tape, it's not easy, I know! Been there, done that. But still I need more practise with it.


Anonymous said...

you did a really nice job! I cut my own seam bindings on the bias, but I don't think that counts. ok. never mind, I don't know what I'm talking about. smile.

mal blair said...

i don't even cook & you made me want to make pot holders, just because yours are so adorable! :]

More Than A Mom said...

Nice pot holders. Visiting from Fireflies & Jellybeans "Show Off Your Stuff" link party!

Nelda said...

they are cute, you make it easy to sew with a bias tape, I will try it, thank you for sharing

visit from Polly want a Crafter party link

Liz said...

I still have yet to make a potholder with a pocket! I really need to. Your's are very cute. I like the fabric. I'd love for you to link up with my party:

Kristen said...

Those are so cute. I am not much of a seamstress, so it would probably take my at least three tries to get something I could actually show people.

Meddie said...

Nice job Rhi....I learned something new! I had no idea what bias tape was. Ofcourse this comes from the person who has never taken a sewing class.

abeachcottage said...

Lovely potholders (and with pockets!) Thanks for sharing.


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