Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing in the New Year!

This New Year's was a nice mellow one spend with friends, eating, drinking and just kicking back.
We potlucked and BYOB and enjoyed eachothers company.

So those burgandy mushrooms I made came out fab! They were a hit! I picked up some french sourdough bread to dip in the juices, yum-o!
Here's our spread...

The star of the show was this pig.
They cooked him in one of those Cuban cook boxes.
He was yummy, especially his crispy skin which we cut off and threw into the wok to cook again!

Here's a little close up of our dinner

My son was loving it, he kept saying piggy piggy.

Here's the kids table... what a mess?! All those fireworks and wait... why is there pliers and duct tape?!?!

Evil lil pyros I tell you.

Here are some of the guys manning the cooking box.

And my hubby manning the wok, frying up some won tons.

And heres what my son thought about all the noise...

He just couldnt handle it.

Sat in his chair and kept quiet for most of the night, which is TOTALLY NOT like him.
Sit still? Stay quiet? Not my son!

And of course boys will be boys....

It's all fun and games till someone gets burnt.

And hows this kid? Just like his father I tell you. (my boss's son)

He's 11 I can understand why boys at 11 would duct tape a fountain to the seat of his bike and ride around.
But my husband did that when he was 30.

Luckily no one was harmed in the making of this post or for the rest of the night for that matter.

Just then my camera battery died, damn, should have doubled checked that one before we left the house. Oh well, my friend got a great group shot of us at the end of the night.

2010 is over and done and I cant wait to move on to better things. Cheers to 2011.
Hope you all had an amazing new years and a safe one!
See you in 2011


Jessica said...

Looks like fun! Roasted pork sounds really good right now.

Heidi said...

That roasted pork is making my mouth water! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Alicia said...

Ok, not gonna lie, the pig kind of freaks me out. But it looks like you guys had an awesome fun time, and omg, your son is such a cutie pie!


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