Monday, January 24, 2011

Day #9 -Toy Organization and Up coming Linky Party .... and...... (GIVEAWAY)

 This was a busy weekend I must say.

One of the projects I tackled this weekend was putting my son's toys into plastic containers.
Yes I know Im going backwards.... way back but I really have been meaning to get it done.

I do appologize that I dont have before pictures. I had to 'borrow' a memory card from an old camera that only had enough memory for 5 pix at a time.
Can you even remember that when cards had so little storage, wow.

Anyway, we had space under our media shelf that we would just throw his toys in and it drove me insane. I picked up these plastic containers from kmart but they were just a tad bit too tall.

We tried moving the shelf up higher but the next knotch was just too high, this is were that totally awsome christmas present comes in that I got my hubby cause Im the best wife in the world.. hehehe

Yup, he thinks Im the greatest :-)
So we used this bad boy to make our own holes for the shelf bracket and voila!
Enough room to put the plastic containers.

But wait!
I still cant stand it. So stay tunned for and update when I cover them with fabric, if I can ever make up my mind what print I want.

I had some time to think about the little things that we sometimes forget to be thankful for.
Tomorrow I will be hosting a "THANKFUL FOR" linky party.
Please spread the word and come and join me to share about the simple things that you are thankful for.

One more thing... Im thankful for all of you for sticking around when I go MIA and for my random ramblings so, I'll also be announcing a CSN GIVEAWAY tomorrow as well.
Very exciting!!
Who doesnt love CSN Stores and their thousands of products!!!
I could totally use a laptop messenger bag to tote around my laptop and cricut!!! hehehehe

Thanks ya'll and see you then. Dont forget to make your list of things you are thankful for!


Yvette said...

Looking good, one day we'll be all organized and clutter free. Haha, we wish! I was doing the same thing this weekend, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I wish I took pics of the before and after because it was so bad. My ebay/etsy room had stuff with mold growing on it....YUCK!

Jessica said...

I'd love to see what you cover them with--I can't make decisions about that stuff either.

I'll try and come up with something I'm thankful for. Last week was crappy and this week is headed the same direction, so it might take some thought.


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