Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year.... New Look....

Have you all noticed my new look?
Do you like it?
Pretty spiffy huh!

Not too long ago Erika at Oops I Craft my pants had an amazing deal that I just couldnt pass on.
(catchy name too isnt it)
I emailed her and literally within a matter of 2 days I got a new look for my blog.
I answered a few short questions and bam I saw my ideas come to life.
Very talented one I tell you that Erika.
Check out her blog below

She just introduced her new adventure
Click {HERE} to check it out.

Thank you very much Erika for the amazing job you did... hey check back for more, I'm also getting a blog button that you can all show off to your friends for me (wink)


Christina said...

Love it!! Looks super cute!! :)

Jessica said...

I have noticed, and I think it's cute. I really like the color palette!

Becky said...

Too cute! It totally looks like you! I love it! It's something that I would have picked too :o)


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