Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update on the Wheelbarrow Planter

So a while back I told ya'll about my plans for the Wheelbarrow Planter.
It's been some time now so I figured I'd give you guys an update.

We'll it was touch and go for a little while there but....

We've got some growth!

Ok so I dont know why only the aslyum was the only one that grew. I planted like 4 different seeds!
There are small leafy things in between so I think there just might be some chance yet for the other flowers to grow. Not bad for practically free!
I just kept waiting for my neighbors to come and tell me I "forgot" my wheelbarrow in the yard.

In other news.... my friend Becky is coming over this weekend and she's giving me Cricuit lessons! I'm so super excited I can hardly contain myself, she's gonna be sorry! hahaha


Shell said...


Kanani said...

Cute idea! I'm surprised you didn't paint it up!

Have fun with your Cricut this weekend...I LOVE mine. There are TONS of video tutorials on YouTube and a great cutting guide pdf from that tells you what settings to set your machine of for different papers. Do they even sell supplies for the machine on Kauai? LOL I'm telling you once you get started, you really should look into Sure Cuts a Lot software. It lets you cut just about anything from your computer!

Elle Uy {SWITCHEROOm} said...

they've said it already, but I'll say it again.. CUTE!! really, it is. Hope all your seeds will grow! Happy Sunday!


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