Monday, March 14, 2011

2 more doors down... 3 more to go

So I continued with painting my doors in the house. I remember now why I didnt finish them in the first place... painting kinda sucks.

If you remember I mentioned that the doors on the inside of the house (just like the rest of the house) was painted a flat white base. (from what we were told the builders had a ton left over from another project so they figured they would save $$ and NOT like they passed those savings to us!)

Check this out they didnt even paint the entire door. They just put the door up and sprayed the front and back. They even sprayed the hinges, we had to loosen up the paint so the doors would open and close when we moved in.

Because its a flat paint, it attracts every single dirty fingerprint and smudge.
Look at it, nothing would get it out, not even the magic eraser and that thing is magic!

Here is the old color next to the new color. The new color is called Innocence by Behr. Its just slightly tinted so its not bright white.

But once the door is hung, you cant tell the difference in the paint.

Before: dirty yucky

After: nice and clean and shiny

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Debbie said...

The doors in our house were never painted. After we moved in we realized they were just the factory primer. Such lazy builders!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Painting doors is never fun... but it feels like such an accomplishment when it is done...
I am doing some right now.. only with 6 panels
Pain, pain, pain....


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