Saturday, March 5, 2011

Laundry Saturday

Every Saturday is Laundry day.
We put a load in the washer in the morning so that we can make the best use of daylight hours.
We dont have a dryer, its a choice that we made.
Its saves energy and hey what better power than the power of our sun, especially since we live in Hawaii!

Yes we are left with crunchy clothes, but I wouldnt mind my clothes being a little softer.
I like my towels crunchy, yup I'm weird like that. I just hate the feeling of fabric softner on my towels, when I wipe myself off, it feels like I'm not getting dry. Come on you know what I mean right? 

Purex has this new product called Complete Crystals. They're a crystal fabric softner that is supposed to last longer and smell fresher for longer than traditional liquid fabric softners.

I checked them out {here}and they say that liquid softners are oil based thats why they dont absorb.
Well I must try this out and test it out for myself.
Anyone else want to take the challenge with me?

Click {HERE} for a $1.00 off coupon to Purex Complete Crystals

Lets all take the challenge... I'll let you know how its goes.

1 comment:

Dixiejet said...

I LOVE the Lavender one !!!! we discovered it a couple weeks ago and LOVE it !!!


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