Friday, March 18, 2011

Recipe Mess

I love to cook. And I guess my family and friends know this.
I seem to have collected a lot of cookbooks and receipes over the years.
I just stash them in that tiny cabinet over my micro since its so small I never know what to put up there.
And its a MESS....
(this is after I took most of my stuff out)

I organized them by type of cookbook.

Just check out this mess!!! Thats all the stuff I print out on the internet and cut out of magazines and newspapers. (if you look closely you'll even see a recipe scribbled on a recept for car parts!)

 Toni's over at A bowl full of lemons is awsome when it comes to cleaning and organizing. I took her 21 day challenge back in January. I didnt do all 21 days but it got me started and on a good path to getting organized and clean!

She did a post on creating a recepie binder which I PROMISED myself I will do! I just have to! No excuses. (as I write this post... this pile is STILL on my kitchen counter)

I did put the rest of my cookbooks back in the cabinet all nice and neat.
Lets see how long it lasts.

What mess are you going to tackle?

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Yvette said...

OMG, If only I had the motivation to tackle my garage storage closet. Any expectations of the Mr. finding the motivation to do it are out the window. It's funny how the organizing/cleaning NEVER ENDS!

Jessica said...

Looks good! I don't even think I have any cookbooks anymore, although I'd be in big trouble if anything ever happened to my recipe bookmarks on my laptop.

This weekend I'll be tackling my basement and, if I somehow make it through that mess, my garage. Wish me luck.


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