Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Remember I told ya'll about the laundry room  closet table I made {here }
Well, this morning as we were leaving for work I told the hubs, "is it just me, or does the house smell like clorox?" He smelled it too but we thought it was bug bait that I put out this morning.

He came home this afternoon and got a HUGE wiff of clorox BAM in the face! 
Being the good hubby he can be, he searched where the smell was coming from and found our brand new bottle of clorox had been pushed up against a little tab in the cabinet and made a teeny tiny pin hole.
Clorox had been leaking out ALL day long.
It was inside our cabinet, leaked onto my ironing board and onto my table.

It's actually much whiter in person than it is in this picture.
Can we have a moment of silence, while I mourn my hard work and think of recovering it.

A BIG thanks to the hubby though, when I got home he took everything out of the cabinet, the table, the ironing board and all my detergents and fabric softner.
Yup, he can be so good sometimes.


Yvette said...

I'm mourning for you. But I know you will turn this unfortunate occurance into something wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do!

Jessica said...

Oh no! I hate seeing a project ruined too, especially a really good one like yours was. I know you'll remake it (again) into something fantastic (again).


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