Wednesday, March 9, 2011

too many ideas! not enough room!!!

So I mentioned a little while ago that Im trying to incorporate more color into our space. Right now we have black and grey. I have pops of red and pops of green from the little trinkets I have displayed here and there and the only problem that I've had jumping right in is that I cant decide what color to go with!!

I love the color red!
Its so bold and bright and somewhere I heard read provokes your brain into thinking you're hungry.

I also love green!
Its calm and beautiful and reminds me of the ocean.

But green and red together?! Bleh, makes me think of Christmas!

So what to do what to do?!
Thats why I havent been able to commit to a color yet.
I've been seeing soooo much inspiration on blogs all over and I think I have made up my mind..... drum roll please.... and the color choice goes to....

(images via swagbucks image search) 
Krylon pistachio and moss
Infact I'm stopping by Kmart today to pick up a few cans of spray paint!

Here's where I got a lot of inspiration from.
It all started with {this} post from cottage and vine.
She found a beautiful piece and can you belive it made it more gorgeous!

And then even more recently I know you must have seen {this} kitchen all over blogland, I know I've seen it all over as well. From FleaMarket Trixie this kitchen is soooo inspiring for me to get working on mine!

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Jessica said...

Great choice! I love both the kitchen and the cabinet redo. I have both red and green--and blue and yellow and pink. Sometimes I think it looks like a rainbow threw up in here.


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