Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting clean and putting Shaklee to the test

A few weeks ago I entered a Shaklee giveaway over at A bowl full of lemons.
I've been hearing about Shaklee for a while now and have been very curious to try it out.

I got this really cute card in the mail from Toni

I took out my sample and I just had to take a pix.
(I put the nickel there as reference for the size)
(I couldnt for the life of me flip this photo right way up)

Ok so are all of you thinking the same thing I was thinking?
What in the world is that small little thing gonna do?

Well I followed the directions and made my mixture.
Hmmm what to clean? What to clean?
I decided to REALLY give it a tough job.

My oven
Its awful in there, just terrible in there.
Actually Toni has a cleaner made just for this kinda job so I wasnt expecting it to do anything. I decided to just tackle the inside glass on the door and see what would happen.

It completely shocked me!
I cleaned better than I ever thought it would!
I knew it couldnt completely clean that awful mess in there, but what it did do surprized me.
First of all there was no smell, I swear nothing. I had to ask the hubs to come and see if I was missing something.
I sprayed it on and let it sit while I looked for a scrubbie pad. Just a little bit of elbow grease and it cleaned it up pretty darn good.
Good enough infact that I'm ordering that special oven and grill cleaner from Toni.

I've been using it to clean up my countertops after dinner and my sink and even the bathroom counters and sinks. I really am pleased with it I must say.

If you wanna grab yourself some go see Toni over at A bowl full of lemons!!

And speaking of cleaning dont forget today is the last day to enter for the free bottle of Purex Crystals Softener!!


Anonymous said...

I won a giveaway over there too! I absolutely loved the cleaner - I was so pleasantly surprised that the tiny bit made so much, and worked so well. I cleaned my dirty microwave..and that was a big challenge. Love that stuff! I definitely plan to order some!

Meddie said...

Cool! Sounds like a good product. Thanks for sharing the great find!


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