Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laundry Room Table

I have no working room in my laundry closet.
I decided to once again make use of our scrap lumber and make a little table.
It's not big at all since its a closet and the only space I had was where a dryer would be.
We dont have a dryer, I love to hang my laundry.

I measured the space and made a frame.
Then topped it with some plyboard.
YES I did it all myself except for the cutting of the wood.
And NO it did not end up square... hahaha,
but good enough.

I painted it white with some leftover paint. I put some trim on the front of it and decopauged the fabric I posted about here.

Acutally I didnt have decopauge, I used a ton of elmers glue and watered it down a little.
It held up really well and then I topped it off with a couple coats of clear shlack.

I finally put the table in the closet, and yay it fit!

Please dont stare at my horrible floor. Its a very touchy subject.
Can you see the pink swirls? Its linoleum glue seaping into the floor and coming through. Its caused by moisture and whatelse is caused by moisture... yup, you guessed it mold. EWWWW
So dangerous! and disgusting!
Lets just say there is something in the process of being done, rumors say lawsuit with the manufacturer and developer, but Im not holding my breath.
Were planning on hiring an abatement team to rip out all the linoleum and clean it, then put new flooring, then they can bill the developer.
Sorry for getting waaaayyy off track, I told you it was a touchy subject.

I then added my topiary that I posted about here.
Ooh I think it looks cute!
Still much more work to do but theres my update!

Check back soon!

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Yvette said...

That looks great! Are you planning to use it for folding laundry or storing detergents and stuff? BTW, my sis-in-law lives across the street from you guys. I dropped off Kalae the other day and immediately recognized your garage wall because none of the other houses had one. Lucky you got the beautiful ocean view!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when you said not to stare at your horrible floor. Of course you know that I did just that since you brought it up. Don't worry, it doesn't stand out at all.

What does stand out is that fabulous paisley print! The table fits in the space perfectly. Love it!

Take care,

Allison said...

That looks fabulous!! Great job! Love the fabric you choose to use on top.

Thanks so much for linking up! :)

Meg said...

Wow, you go! Making a table?!? Awesome. I think it turned out great! I love the fabric and the trim....good luck with your floor! Sounds like a pain, but billing the developer will be the way to go! Ha!


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