Monday, November 15, 2010

Cherry Blossom Topiary

Sorry Ive been MIA all weekend long. Been busy, busy.
So last week I mentioned that I am in need of pink in my house....
I was so excited, I got started on Friday night!

I picked up this here autum arrangement from Walmart just after Halloween and it was on clearance for $3.
I already had one for my fall decorations but I figured hey why not get one more, it's only $3 and I really liked the pot it was in.

I took the arrangements out and put them into another pot.
Then I took these stems of cherry blossoms that I had in a vase since... ahem... well it was left over from my wedding. (POP any of you remember how long ago that was?)

Needless to say they were very dusty. I dont know why I just couldnt get rid of them all these years!
I plucked out all the flowers and leaves and put them aside.

I picked up this styrofoam ball from our craft store. Its roughly the size of a softball.
Guess how much the stupid styrofoam ball was? It was on sale too!
Go ahead guess.... infact I will make it a game!
Comment me and guess how much the styrofoam ball without tax is and I'll send the winner a prize, nothing fantastic but I'll send you something, Promise!
The wooden dowels I had in my pantry from a layered cake I made a while back.

I took the flowers I plucked off and hot glued them onto the ball.
I thought of doing a topiary but my dowels were too skinny so I ended up with my ball directly in the pot, which already had moss on it, score! One less thing for me to buy.

Here I am getting started.

 And here I am getting there.
I ran out of flowers, but I got pretty far with what I already had. Not bad for thrifty!
And sorry for the bad lighting I was working late at night when the boys went to bed.

So I got my first accessory for my pink laundry closet!


Meddie said...

I just saw these this past weekend too! Ben Franklin had a sale on all styrofoam 30% and an additional 10% for craft club members. Hope you used the 40% coupon that they had for this past weekend :) That's my favorite time to shop there! I'm guessing it was about $4.50 before the sale.

Yvette said...

Beautiful job! The topiary looks wonderful and I'm sure be perfect for your upcoming laundry closet. BTW, I clicked subscribe by email so I can see your follow-up comments now, LOL.


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