Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I posted last week about my son almost ending up in the hospital.
It was a scary experience.
I never want to go through that again.
Now I know why if I came home hurt or sick, I'd get lickens. Growing up you dont dare get hurt or sick or grandma gonna give it to you!

Here we are giving him his neb before bed on Wed.

And then my husband's turn first thing in the morning.
Dont forget we were getting up every 3 hrs to give it to him during the night as well.

This is what I saw in the morning just before my dad put the turkey into the oven as we were leaving for the ER to get checked.
My dad
he's getting fancy
check out the rosemary and bacon and oranges
btw, it turned out great!

Sorry no after pix, we were too tired and hungry but I promise it was a feast and it was delish!


Jessica said...

I hope he's doing better. Turkey looks great--ours was deep fried this year and it was just meh. I think yours would have tasted better!

Meddie said...

Awww....so sad to see the little guy like that.


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