Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whats For Dinner Wednesday... {LINKY PARTY}

Hey all this is my first ever Linky Party!
I enjoy Linky Parties because you get to share ideas with other people, meet new blogging friends, and steal share projects or recepies or inspiration!

This is the first of many to come, so come back often as I announce more linky parties with different themes.
Today's Linky Party is:


I have two reasons for this topic
1. The Pioneer Woman is on Throwdown with Bobby Flay tonight!
(did you all set your dvrs?)
2. The sky is dark and we just might have rain tonight so I am making Portuguese Bean Soup.
I love soup and this soup I would make all the time, its just been such a hot summer I havent made it in ... well... ages!

So, your mission if you chose to accept it.
Go home tonight and document whatever it is that you are making for dinner. (kinda like a recepie exchange) If you're making mac and cheese from a box, I dont care, I want you to share it with us! If you're making Beef Bourguignon, right on! Send me directions and Im coming for dinner!

The fine print:
Linky list will be up from now till Friday.
Please stick to the theme of FOOD
Spread the word and invite your friends to participate, the more the merrier!
Please link back here so your readers can see all the recepies
Thank you!


Yvette said...

Yes!!! Love this idea. I'll be posting my first attempt at baked ziti later. Fun, fun, fun!

Jessica said...

Oops...I meant to enter even though our dinner was just Pizza Hut. Then I forgot to take pictures at the restaurant. Then I forgot to take pictures when we got home. And now the pizza is gone--it was delicious while it lasted. I'll plan something better for next Wednesday.

Yvette said...

I'm so sorry, I had every attempt in posting in time for your linky party. I took pics and everything. Between work, a craft fair today, a sick child and house guests...I just couldn't do it. Next time I promise. :(


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