Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whats for dinner Wednesday

Alright guys its time to tell us all what you had for dinner last night!
Think of it like a recepie exchange.

Last night I made Portuguese Bean Soup.
We had gotten a flash flood watch at about 10 am.
It was calling for rain and thunderstorms perfect weather for soup!

Theres my pot simmering away. For those of you who know me I would normally post pix of all the veggies cut and each step of the way, but it was one of those days.

Its a long process to make this soup.
You start by boiling a ham hock or shank, I used a left over ham bone from dinner from another night.
I boil for approx 4 hrs or untill the meat falls off the bone and breaks appart.
Then remove any fatty skin or bone or cartilage.
Then add in:
about 3 cups water, 2 cans kidney beans, 2 potatoes cubed, 2 carrot sticks sliced, 1 onion chopped some hawaiian salt and 1 portuguese sausage sliced (my favorite is the purity brand)
Boil for about 20-30 mins then add
1 can tomato sauce, 2 stalks celery chopped, 1 head of cabbage and 1 bunch of watercress (when in season) boil for another 10 mins.

Here's a big spoon full of yummy goodness.

I sometimes make elbow mac to go with it our house has to have rice!
It was a huge hit, even though it was hot and we were sweating our butts off!

I also made a batch of buttermilk biscuts, oooh delish!


Yvette said...

My mouth is watering right now. My coworker is boiling some ham hocks to make soup and I'm dying to have some. Got any leftovers?

Anonymous said...

That soup looks really good--a great fall and winter recipe!

Kim said...

Wow, that looks wonderful. There's nothing better than homemade soup.


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