Friday, November 12, 2010


Just before my son was born, we took down all my Pink and Hello Kitty and got ready for a little boy.
I was sad to see the pink go, but at the same time I think I'm getting too old for Hello Kitty.
(untill I have a daugher, if I have one)

Well Mama is a girl and mama needs some PINK!
My house consists of brown, green, blue, tan, yellow....

I am a total tomboy but underneath it all I like pink and lace and pearls.

The only room I can get away with pink is probably my laundry. Its not even a room its a closet in the hallway! I hate that I have a laundry closet and not a laundryroom, but I have to make the most of it so.... I decided to go PINK!

Got a few ideas and some projects lined up for this weekend. Wish me luck! And heres a sneek peek of whats to come....


Yvette said...

Time for a girl! Then you can pinkify the entire house :)

Jessica said...

I'm lucky, my DH doesn't care anything about my decorating as long as it doesn't interfere with his electronics. We had pink curtains in the living room of our last house; they currently live in the master bedroom. I also painted the door frame between the kitchen and living room pink to match the inside of the kitchen cabinets (that I have not yet painted). My sewing room in the basement that is open to his office area will be very light pink whenever I get around to finishing the room. For a long time I held off on putting that much pink up but when I realized he was serious when he said he didn't care I went for it, lol. I hope you get your pink!

Meddie said...

There's no age limit for liking Hello Kitty :) Pink laundry closet....nice!

Meg said...

That's an awesome pink! I'm so curious to see what you're doing with your laundry closet! ;) At least you have laundry "room" consist of 2x4's and insulation!


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