Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chicken Cacciatore and the realization I need an oven safe pot!!

Ok, maybe I'm over reacting and I should just stick to my crockpot.
After all I am in love with it and I dont want it to feel like I've moved on to other kitchen things.

So the other night I made Chicken Cacciatore with this recepie.

Im a sucker for new recepies especially from PW or Kevin & Amanda

My problem though, sticking to the recpie.
My husband now has strict instructions to whack me with my mixing spoon if I start to go waaay off track. I still have to allow for some of my own creativity.

So here it is, I appologize ahead of time for the excess of photos, I like close up photos of food!

The veggie line up
The red bell pepper was sooo sweet and delicious I kept eating them as I chopped away

and mushrooms, how can you not just awww at mushrooms

ok so I cut and chopped all the veggies
Then I browned the chicken in my frying pan (ONE) (Im counting the pans I had to use, try to keep up and I'll try not to be too confusing)

Put chicken aside and saute the veggies together.

Add some wine and weve got a party going on!
Next I added the can of tomatoes and my pan was overflowing. I couldnt even stir! So Into a larger pot they went. (TWO)

I cooked them up a bit and then realized that my pot wasnt oven safe. I dont even know if I have any pots or pans that are oven safe!
So into a baking pan (THREE) the veggies went. Then the chicken on top.
I covered them and put them in the oven.

As the chicken cooked I do as I normally would and clean the kitchen. I washed all my dishes and waited.
Then it was time to pull it out... and then WHAT?!.... I had to pull the chicken out of the veggies and then simmer them to reduce the liquid. Ok so into another pan the chicken went (FOUR) and the pot came out of the dishwasher and the veggies went back in (FIVE). I simmered for a bit and the sauce became thick and so much more yummy! One extra step and two more pots but its worth it.

So after FIVE count em FIVE pots and pans we finally had dinner.

I skipped the pasta part, were a rice kinda family.

Ok so here are my thoughts/suggestions:
1. Use a large enough oven safe pot and end up doing a whole lot less dishes
2. It's probably safer to stick to a recepie the first time around, especially if youre not familar with all the ingredients
3. ADD SALT, this recepie barely calls for it and it badly needed it
4. Have people who are willing to try new things (unlike my hubby)
5. Why is it so hard to spell recepies correctly?

What new recepies have you been trying?

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