Tuesday, November 9, 2010


You've all heard about Redi Shade's right?
Well a while back I won a giveaway hosted by Gracious Southern Living for this totally awsome shade.
Did I just say totally awsome? Cant help it Im a child of the 80's... dude.

I have to say their customer service is AMAZING!
Because I live in Hawaii I always have shipping issues.... dont even get me started!!!
But I worked with two lovely ladies that were super kind and sweet and very helpful.
I literally got my shade in maybe 3-5 days, I'm not sure all I know it was a weekend, I blinked the weekend was over and Monday before lunch my box was sitting right outside my office door at work.
That fast... and in Hawaii thats super fast!

I ordered the Simple Fit Custom Blackout Shade in snow.
The box was super light, only 8 lbs and I couldnt wait to open it.
I got home grabbed my hubby and the camera.
I told him to time me putting the shade up.
We must have had 3 outtakes and cracked ourselves up!
For a guy who doesnt even notice that he didnt put his clothes in the hamper, he would notice everytime someone rode their bike past our house or walked the dog and would stop fillming and make me start again. OH BOY I TELL YOU!
Anyway, when we finally stopped messing around I put up this shade.... guess how long it took me... go ahead guess....

17 seconds.
I promise!
It was the easiest thing Ive ever done!
Faster and easier then putting on a .... sock.

It was amazing!
We got the blackout shade and it really does what its supposed to do.
Boy, was it dark in there!
So tonight it the test and tomrrow at nap time.

I'm SUPER happy about my product and no RediShade is NOT compensating me in anyway for saying good things about them... but if anyone from Redishade is out there... I would gladly accept another shade, or two, or three :-)

After the "test" I'll post again and put up some pictures to share, maybe even the video!

If you want to learn more about Redishade go {here

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