Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hoo are you? #23

What a very cute idea to get to know your blogger buddies!
I am thankful for all you followers who keep up with what Im doing so I figured I'd participate in
Hoo are you? Over at Night Owl Crafting. Obviouslly were on #23 so I'm a bit behind. Hope you all enjoy getting to know me. If you have any specific questions dont be afraid to ask!

Here are this week's questions? 

1. Do you ever burp out loud in private or public?
eeekkk, Im so busted here! Yes I burp outloud and it depends where in public I am. I stay away from soda cause it makes me burp like a man!

2. How often do you get sick each year?
I used to be so healthy and hardly ever get sick, but ever since having a child I get sick all the time! Im sure its from lack of sleep my resistance is down and when he gets something I get it too.
3. Would you rather paint a room in your house yourself, or have someone else do it for you?
I'm usually gung-ho and want to do it myself, also because I can be a control freak, but by halfway through Im begging for help.
4. If you get 30 minutes to yourself, what do you do?
When do I ever get 30 mins to myself??? Seriouslly I shower in 5-10 mins! If I do though I like to lay back and watch some hgtv or diy network.
5. Do you allow people to wear shoes in your house?

And heres a pix of my family

So there it is. Go and check out the other bloggers over at



Katie K. said...

Just think of all the stomach trouble we would have if we did not burp out loud sometimes?!?!?!

Christina said...

So cute...and I love the picture!

BTW- I gave you an award on my blog today...thanks for following me :)


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