Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Redishade pix and video

So as promised here are the pix of me installing my new Redishade.
This is the blackout shade for my son's room.

It's a purrrrfect fit!

Half way up and it stays up, no fussing with it!

Tada! Doesnt it look great?
Dont mind all the mess Im in the middle of cleaning and rearranging.

And here are our cheezy videos, dont laugh.. ok fine you can laugh.

I had a user error trying to load the first video, but you guys didnt miss a thing, it was just me taking the tape part off the ends. Remember now, I said earlier we were totally cheezy.
And sorry about the darkness, didnt think about the direction of the light when we videoed. (Is that a word? videoed?)

Remember I told you here how my wonderful hubby kept making me stop and we had a ton of outtakes? As you can see he made me stop, why? I later found out because the guy kept riding his bike past our house and he didnt want the guy in the video! LOL


Ok, there it is PROOF it took only 17 SECONDS!!!

Thanks Redishade!
They are truly awsome, only thing they need to work on is shipping options. If I want to outfit my whole house with these, I'll have to give up my next born child!
just kidding, they can have my hubby though.

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