Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Shipping at Tar-jay!

Were VERY limited on shopping here, VERY.
At one point even our Sears only had appliances, nothing else.
Our grocery stores are pretty much all mom and pop stores. The closest Safeway is an hour away!
No JC Penny, no Old Navy, Gap and sadly *sigh* no Target.

I luv Target, I'm even infatuated with their shopping carts!

We took our son there for his first birthday.
Actually we took him to Oahu to bring him to the zoo and aquarium, it was just an excuse to go to Oahu's new Target store. Oahu and Hawaii have a Target, but pigs will fly before we get one here on Kauai. Either pigs will fly or they will resurect the superferry... and we all know that pigs will grow wings before that ever happens! LOL

Anyway... the point is that Target is having Bullseye Free Shipping!
Thats great news for anyone especially anyone who lives in Hawaii cause have you ever tried to get something shipped to Hawaii?!?! No seriouslly! Have you ever?! Its rediculous!
Has anyone ever heard of Priority Mail Flat Rate!
Hello! Its all over the commercials!
Get with the program!

Maybe with some free shipping I can get this Giada Dutch Oven.
Or maybe the entire Rachel Ray cookware set instead!!

A bike for my son
Or a bamboo cutting board. Oh how I love bamboo in the kitchen so easy to clean!

Go now and check it out!

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Kathleen said...

Wow, that IS a great deal! Thanks for sharing.


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